Children take great pleasure in learning through play in a safe and fun learning environment.  We are committed to delivering high quality education and care, as shown through our Excellence Award in National Quality Standards presented to us in 2013.

At Swallowcliffe PreSchool we strive to provide a great start for all children’s education through concrete, active learning experiences, which are directed by the children’s interests in conjunction with building strong partnerships with the community.


*Children with additional needs may be able to start preschool two terms before they would normally start. Please speak to one of the teachers to see if your child is eligible. Aboriginal children and children under the Guardianship of the Minister for Education and Child Development can go to preschool from the time they are three.

  • Curriculum

    Our main goals are:

    • To create learning opportunities to suit different learning styles, abilities and interests, including the different cultural backgrounds.
    • To create positive environments, that are a safe and fun, which involve the children’s family.
    • To create a learning environment, to gain confidence and learning dispositions to further each child’s learning.

    We believe children learn best:

    • When learning through their interest.
    • When interacting with other community members, families and children.
    • When they have time to be active, curious and reflective learners.

    EYLF Outcomes are:

    • Children have a strong sense of identity
    • Children are connected with and contribute to their world
    • Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
    • Children are confident and involved learners
    • Children are effective communicators

    Literacy Indicators are:

    • I use language to connect to my world
    • I understand the language of my world
    • I represent my world symbolically
    • I engage with texts and make meaning

    Numeracy Indicators are:

    • I explore and understand my place and space in the world
    • I quantify my world
    • I analyse, read and organise the data in my world
    • I measure and compare my world

    Our Curriculum is based on South Australian Curriculum; The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the Literacy and Numeracy Indicators.

  • Services

    Swallowcliffe PreSchool works to increase community capacity to support our families to provide the best opportunity for every child. Services we provide are:

    • CAFHS
    • DECD Psychology Services
    • DECD Speech Services
    • Play Group – Playgroup is offered Tuesdays 9am – 11 am. An educator from the PreSchool supports this program, which offers a range of activities to support children’s social skills, routines and learning through play experiences.
    • School Pastoral Care Worker
    • Visits with the Aboriginal Elders Village
    • Twilight sessions throughout the year
  • Facilities

    Children have access to a large open indoor and outdoor space, incorporating a range of age appropriate educational programs that maximise each child’s learning potential.

    The PreSchool is located on the same campus of the school and there are many opportunities and experiences to continue the learning from PreSchool, through to the Early Years of School.

    Our PreSchool program is delivered by qualified educators.

    Policies and our Quality Improvement Plan is located in the parent library, as you enter the PreSchool.

  • PreSchool Session Times

    Children who are eligible for full time PreSchool are entitled to 15 hours a week or the equivalent of 30 hours a fortnight.  At Swallowcliffe PreSchool they are offered 2 days a week and 3 days on alternate weeks.  Sessions run from 9.10am to 3.10pm. (Our doors open at 9am).

    Group 1 – Monday, Wednesday and Alternate Friday

    Group 2 – Tuesday, Thursday and Alternate Friday

    Fees – We are a no fee service. We do ask for a donation for the cooking program we have each week.

    Attendance – is vital for children’s education and growth.  We ask that families keep us informed regarding absences.  Non-attendance after 3 weeks will result in cancellation of sessions.

    What to bring

    • A broadbrim hat
    • A labelled bottle with water
    • A piece of fruit to share
    • A healthy lunch
    • A spare change of clothes
  • Parent Communication

    Communication with families is vital to support your child’s education and build relationships between educators, families and children.

    At Swallowcliffe PreSchool we;

    • Have name pockets for written communication
    • Are open for conversations at the end of each session (beginning sessions are usually very busy)
    • Have interviews (2x a year)
    • Can make an appointments for longer conversations
    • Have our programs displayed
    • Ask families to be involved in Twilight nights.
    • Provide families with a Statement of Learning 2x a year.
    • Share learning experiences through learning stories 2x a year.


PHONE: (08) 8255 2908